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Health, Wellbeing, and some possible ways to achieve it.

I specialize in making custom batches of herbal tinctures extracted into combinations of alcohol, apple cider vinegar and distilled water. I only use the finest most potent organically grown or wild crafted ingredients, concentrating them to the highest degree possible. I draw from the knowledge of deeply experienced Naturopathic Physicians for my formulas.

The old proverb "When the student is ready the teacher will appear" has always applied to me, as I study the amazing healing power of herbs, plants, and things not made in chemical labs and the many beneficial effects and miracles they can produce.

I have been studying the fields of health and nutrition for over 20 years. I have found that providing the proper nutrition to those areas of the body that are diseased (including direct application through the skin) can have amazingly curative powers. It is far less likely to create effective healing by just popping down a few pills.

It is difficult but desirable to side step the mainstream brainwashing and begin living life with an open mind, proving out for yourself new information vs. living life with a closed mind, only willing to draw from a fixed pool of knowledge, no matter how outdated, self-destructive or of service to a corporate financial interest it may be.

I think any discussion of Health and Healing would have to address the part we the must play in the process. It seems to me that far too many of us have accepted the idea that having a serious disease is like having a flat tire on our car. We just go to the mechanic (doctor) and get it fixed. Voila, we are all set to return to the habits and lifestyle that made us ill in the first place. While this mentality is pervasive throughout our culture, it has had the effect of placing doctors on pedestals, filling their pockets with our gold, and filling the cemeteries with too many of us who were "cured". I humbly suggest that we the living become willing to take responsibility for our own healing first. This means stop doing what is we intuitively know is hurting us, and having the courage to start doing what will heal us. Radical thoughts, I know.

I have listed some of my favorite sites relating to self-healing, physically and mentally in the column to the left. Enjoy. All information provided is strictly for educational purposes only. Consult with your doctor before beginning any self treatment program. I wish all readers of this blog safe passage to a healthier and happier place.

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