4% Boric Acid Solution for Killing Sugar Ants


Place 2 oz or 60 milli liters of water into a small pot.

Now add 1 level teaspoon or 2.4 grams of Boric Acid Insecticide Dust.

Now add 1 teaspoons or 6 grams of sugar.

Slowly mix over heat until white boric acid completely dissolves.

Remove from heat. Let cool. Place in small dropper bottle for storage.

Using a small cotton ball, place in area where ants are found. Saturate cotton ball with solution you just made. Keep rewetting it as they eat it and it evaporates.

For fat eating ants, use 1/8 teaspoon boric acid to 1 table spoon of mayonnaise or miracle whip and mix very well.

For larger ants, double the amount of Boric Acid, keeping all other ingredients the same to make an 8% Solution. Use the same way to feed them.