Calcium Magnesium Solution 7-9-1984


Calcium Gluconate Powder (C12 H22 Ca O14)
Magnesium Carbonate Powder (Mg C O3)
Citric Acid Granules (C2 H8 O7)

For the preferred 1:1 ratio of Ca to Mg

To make a small batch, good for about 6 level tablespoons each containing 350mg Ca and 350mg Mg elemental: Mix together 4 level tablespoons of Calcium Gluconate, 1 level tablespoon of Magnesium Carbonate and 1.5 level tablespoons of Citric Acid. Citric Acid tends to clump, so be sure to crush all the clumps.

Place the 3 powders in a ziplock bag and shake, rattle and roll for at least 60 seconds to insure a thorough blending.

In a heat resistant cup place 1 level tablespoon of the mixed powders and add at least 4 fluid oz. of boiling water. If you have the correct ingredients and amounts, the water will fizz as the powders go into solution. After 5 minutes the solution should be clear.

An ice cube may be added at this point to cool the solution rapidly.