Anna's French Crepes


Add to 1 Cup sifted Flour

1/4 Cup Sugar and mix dry ingredients

In a separate bowl add: 4 Eggs and whisk or beat them, then add

1 Cup of Milk (Almond milk works well)

1 Tbsp oil (Olive works well)

1 Tspn Vanilla


Mix all ingredients together and beat until smooth. It has to be just thin enough to spread out in the pan as you rotate it.

Fry a little oil in the pan first (Coconut Oil works well).

Pour into pan and rotate pan to thin out the batter to make a large flat crepe.

You may need to keep adding a small amount of oil after every other crepe to keep it from sticking, even on non-stick pans.

Keep the heat on the stove at medium or slightly higher.